The heat packs are disposable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Contents: Iron Powder, water,  activated carbon, vermiculite, wood powder and salt.

Uniheat shipping warmers are recognised worldwide as the preferred choice of both professional shippers, importers, hobbyist shippers, and transporters of livestock.


These can only be purchased as shipping add on for your own Roach Shipment.


If your temperatures go below 50 at night please add this to your shipment to avoid transit fatalities.

To find out if your package will take 2 days or less please go to: https://postcalc.usps.com/  - Our Zipcode is 32137, enter your Zipcode as well and select the "View Flat Rate Boxes" icon. This will give you the amount of days it will take your roaches to get to you. Please choose the 40 hour pack if the delivery day is are 2 or less. Please choose the 40-hour pack if it's less than 2 days.

You can view your weather HERE

72-hour Heat Pack