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  • What kind of enclosure do I keep my Discoids in?
    Get a Bin from Walmart or some other place or maybe you even have one at home. Discoids can not climb glass, really smooth surfaces nor do they fly. Put in some egg crates. Discoids are burrowing roaches so they do great with some bed-a-beast compressed coconut fiber. Here is where we purchase our Substrate This is where we get our Egg Crates from These are the bins we use
  • What do I feed them?
    Feed the amount that the discoid will consume within 24 hours. Remove, the remains to eliminate the growth of mold. Mold wipes out entire discoid colonies. Use Fresh produce like carrots, leafy greens and other root vegetables provide a well rounded diet for not only the roaches but the pets that you feed them to. Remember, whatever you feed your Roaches goes right back into your reptiles.
  • Do I need to wash the food I feed my Roaches?
    PLEEEEEASE wash whatever fruits, greens, or veggies you're feeding your Roaches! Most farmers spray their crops with pesticides to keep away pests. Roaches are considered, you guessed it... Pests! Your larger animals can likely adapt to the pesticides but for insects, this is slow poisoned death. So please always wash whatever fresh food you're presenting to your bugs. We recommend using 1/2 cup of white vinegar in a sinkful of water (about a 1:4 Ratio will do well for smaller scales), let them soak in there for a few minutes, and then thoroughly rinse them off. On a smaller scale, you can probably make a similar solution, fill a spray bottle, spray them, let sit for a few minutes, and than wash them off. Your Roaches will thank you!
  • Don't my Roaches need to drink?
    Our roaches get the majority of their water off the greens we feed them as we wash our greens thoroughly but don't dry them off. Ours also get misted 2-3 times a week. You can leave a dish with Water crystals if you like as well. Do not leave a direct water dish as Roaches will likely drown.
  • What temperature do Discoid Roaches thrive in?
    Ours are thriving in temperatures between 88 to 92 degrees for breeding currently. If you want to read more about what type of equipment to use to keep the temperatures up please Check here
  • How about Humidity requirements?
    Since you likely live in Florida you won't have to worry about it not being humid enough but just in case, Discoids love it between 45% and 50% humidity.
  • How fast do Discoids Roaches sexually mature?
    Discoids sexually mature within 4-5 months and will get their wings at that point.
  • How many Babies can Discoids have in a month?
    Discoids can have about 35 babies every 30 to 45 days. It doesn't mean they will, it all depends on your husbandry.
  • Do Discoids lay eggs or give live birth?
    Discoid babies are born live. You can watch a Live birth here:
  • How do you tell Male and Females apart?
    Males are generally smaller than females with his wings going past the tip of the abdomen while females wings are shorter than the abdomen. Females are much wider and thicker. The easiest and most effective way to sex them is by looking at their underside though. On the left hand side a Male Discoid and on the right hand side a Female Discoid Roach. Males also generally also more skittish than their counterparts. You can also see a full sized image here:
  • Can Discoids fly?
    No. They can flutter while they jump but they can not fly nor climb smooth surfaces.
  • Yikes! What's wrong with my Roach!? There is something hanging out of it's Butt!
    Sometimes the pregnant female roaches will hang out their egg sack (called the ootheca) to help it harden. If all is well she'll pull it back in and either breed again or get's ready to give birth. Please do not mess with it as you could severly injure your Discoid. If the Roaches are stressed you could find a dispelled egg sack. In that case check your husbandry and make sure your temperatures look good, that the roaches aren't overcrowded and are well fed.
  • Is a brown egg sack a failed one?
    Sometimes you will find something similar to what you see in this picture and wonder, is there something wrong with it? The answer to that is, no. The female will occassionally "vent" her egg sack by hanging it outside of her body to dry it out or cool it off. When the egg sack and baby is far enough along it will turn brown. This means that you can likely expect Babies shortly.
  • Do Roach Babies hatch?
    Yes, but not like you would think. Discoid Roaches give live birth once a month (or can depending on your husbandry). When the egg sack is ready it turns brittle, the babies hatch inside the mothers womb, come out and look like little white dots before they turn into brown roaches and the egg case get's dispelled.
  • How often do you change the bedding?
    We don't! Babies thrive in Frazz (Roach Poop) it's what they nourish on in the beginning and it gives them the nutrions they need as well as makes them resilient. Unless you have a mold issue from left over food or something or have a mite infestation, there is no need to change it.
  • The Full Setup!
    We get a lot of questions after people receive their roaches about the Set ups our how to now breed roaches. I thought I would show you how we currently have our bins set up. We always change our setup based on observation over time on how our Roaches breed and interact in their current environment. This is what we're currently using and we're seeing optimal breeding performance. 1. These are $6 Dollar 56 qt bins from Walmart - we do not use lids and note they are clear bins. We opted for clear bins so our roaches don't go running in light or when they see movement and if you have watched some of our previous videos you'll see they are quite friendly with Chris :) 2. We use Exo Terra Eco earth, plantation soil or Coconut fiber husk - roughly an inch on the bottom. 3. We buy our Egg crates from here: - they deliver fast and their egg crates are fantastic! but you probably want smaller amounts from here 4. We feed our own dry food (we will be selling that once we move and are settled in) but mostly our Roaches get organic greens, fruits and veggies every other day. We simply put those on top of our egg crates (Because of the sheer number of roaches we have have, nothing ever lasts longer than 30 minutes in their bins before its devoured). Make sure some gets down to the substrate for the babies! 5. For water we do two things. a.) We wash anything we give the roaches thoroughly but DON'T dry it off. b.) We have a 3 gallon sprayer that we mist the insides of the bins with. The roaches will come up and drink the water droplets. 6. Given where we live and that our Roaches are in their own barn unless it's winter we don't need a heat source here. We do have 3 heaters in there that we use in the winter to assure the temps don't drop below 76 minimum. We also have an AC Unit that keeps them below 100 degrees in the summer. We monitor the Barn with this and also have the router so we can get alerts whens we're NOT at home. Our AC unit is hooked up to Alexa so we can turn on the AC from afar as needed. We hope this helps :)
  • How do you deal with Bugs invading your bins?
    We really don't have that issue. Our Barn is set up to prevent other animals from invading it by means of having most everything secured with screening on the actual building. That said, we DO have to go in and out of it and here is what we do should we find a stray critter: Anole - we chase it out of the barn or if we can catch it, relocate it to outside. Huntsman spiders - we catch and relocate to outside of barn. We had ants once after a Banana feast for the roaches and we ended up greasing the feed of our plastics shelving. The ants left within days since they couldn't get up the bins and we haven't seen them since. Fruit flies - So this we hear quite a bit from people. The best way to get rid of Fruit flies is to fill a Jar with Apple cider vinegar or some sort of apple or fruit juice. Take a bit of plastic/Saran wrap and put it tightly over the jar opening with a Rubberband or whatever you have handy. Take a BBQ skewer or toothpick and poke a few holes in the plastic. Big enough for them to get in but they won't be able to get out. Mites - Luckily and we consider ourselves lucky we never had to deal with this. Should you have been invested with mites, the best way to do is the following: 1. Clean the bin by clearing it out completely, clean it to remove as many mites and eggs as possible. 2. Shake the Roaches gently - wipe them off if you can. 3. Reduce the Humidity. 4. Clean ALL surfaces. 5. Vacuum 6. Wash everything. 7. Avoid re-contamination. Plan B: Add some Ladybugs to your Roach Bins. They WILL eat the grain mites. Here is also a whole Blog post on how to deal with Gnats
  • I have a Roach that has lost all of or part of his antenna. Will it be okay?
    Absolutely. Did you know Discoids can also re-grow some limbs? If you're interested on more of this topic there is an interesting scientisfic read right here
  • How do you keep the egg crates from getting wet if you use Eco Earth or Coconut Fiber substrate?
    Most Eco earth or Coconut fiber husk is sold in a Brick that you have to add water to. Rather than using a Gallon of water to expand the brick, start off with 2 cups, break it up some with your hands once it is soaked in. Add more water as needed per cup until you have the desired result. If your substrate in the end is too wet just let is dry in the bin. To dry we simply mix ours up for a few days until it dried out. When we start a new brick our end result is a slightly damp substrate that eventually dries out to bone dry which is how we like it. Remember we live in a high humidity environment here in Florida and with that you don't need moist substrate.
  • Can I have a bioactive setup for my roaches?
    We haven't played around enough with that to say yes or no. Since we breed to sell them it wouldn't make much sense for our purposes since we would have to dig out the roaches and would essentially destroy that setup in the process.
  • Can I leave the Dry Food in their bin?
    We have had no issue doing that but we also have a massive amount of roaches. Remember not to overfeed and you shouldn't have any problems with mold.
  • Should I separate my roaches by size?
    You certainly can. We do not. All of our roaches of all sizes live together in bins. The only time we take some out is to fulfill an order or to start a new bin due to it being overcrowded.
  • Do I need a Cleaner Beetle colony?
    To that "WE" will answer a resounding NO! Cleaner beetles eat left over food and frazz as well as decaying matter. We'e already answered why we believe Frazz should never be removed. Left over food should also not be an issue if you remove the left overs after 12 to 24 hours. The only benefit we could see is for them to remove the shed piece or any dead roaches but we hand pick those out of our bins. So in essence, it's your choice. We believe you do NOT need them for Discoids. We also wrote an extensive article on this here.
  • Does the size bin I get matter? Will they breed less in a big bin?
    The short answer is no. The "REAL" real estate are the egg crates. As long as you have some room for your colony to grow you're good to go and if you can't get a bigger bin when needed add some extra living space by adding more egg crates.
  • How can I tell if a female is pregnant?
    They turn into big fat heavy pillows LOL They'll be bigger and rounder!
  • Do the Babies burrow or hide?
    A previously mentioned, Discoids are a burrowing roach and if you ever feel compelled to pick up a handful of substrate or frazz you're bound to find a load of babies in there!
  • Do I have to change the egg crates?
    We change our out when they look chewed up or "icky".
  • I read they bred better if I feed them Oranges, is this true?"
    Oranges are like an "Aphrodisiac" to Roaches. If you feed oranges stick to Navel ones because they have the lowest citric acid content and wait 3-4 days before feeding those roaches to your reptiles to assure they have properly digested it. We wouldn't recommend more than once per week. Also be VERY VERY sure that you SCRUB the oranges before giving them to your roachesthe peels are full of pesticides that dont hurt us but are lethal to your colony. That goes for anything fresh - always throughly wash anything fresh you give them! We've heard of entire colonies being wiped out because the owner gave them fresh food but didn't wash it.
  • How do i best hold my Roach with Tongs?
    The easiest way and the most comfortable way for the Roach is behind the head where the exoskeleton pertrudes a bit.
  • What days do you ship?
    We ship Monday through Thursday We do not ship Friday or Saturday so we can assure that the Roaches do not have "additional lay over" before delivery since the Post office does not deliver on Sunday. Below is a table that shows you when your order will be shipped depending on what day you place your order. We ship Monday through Thursday. If you order MONDAY your order will ship on TUESDAY. If you order TUESDAY your order will ship on WEDNESDAY. If you order WEDNESDAY your order will ship on THURSDAY. If you order THURSDAY, FRIDAY, or SATURDAY your order will ship on MONDAY. If you order SUNDAY or MONDAY your order will ship on TUESDAY.
  • Do you ship oversees?
    No, unfortunately we do not.
  • Do you have weather shipping restrictions?
    WINTER: We will not ship if the temperature is below 40 degrees. Also if we do ship in colder weather please be sure someone grab your package upon arrival or we can arrange for the Post Office to hold it there for pick up. SUMMER: Due to extreme summer temperatures in the United States we STRONGLY URGE YOU select hold for pickup when you order from us and pick up your order from the Post office. ​ If you opt to choose NO under "Hold for Pickup" you agree to take full responsibility and do NOT hold Luna Roaches liable for the condition of your roaches upon arrival. ​ Please also check your weather here to assure that temps do not go above 94 degrees for the next three days following your shipping date. If temperatures go above 94 F for three days following your shipping date (Please see when we ship here) the probability of your insects arriving dead is extremely high. If it does we reserve the right to hold your order until temperatures drop below 94 F for those 3 consecutive days or offer to cancel and refund you. ​ If something goes wrong in transit between us dropping them off at the Post Office and you picking them up from the Post Office, please notify us immediately. If we send a replacement order you will be charged $7.02 for the shipping charges or whatever amount we originally paid to ship your roaches to you. ​ We appreciate your understanding that conditions are beyond our control and that we do what we possibly can to assure the arrival of happy, healthy insects to your location but at this point we can NOT GUARANTEE LIVE ARRIVAL but we will work with you on case by case basis IF you selected Hold for Pickup.
  • What is your Shipping policy in case something goes wrong in transit?
    Of course we're going to work with you, above all your happiness and that of your reptile is the most important to us! WE MUST BE NOTIFIED WITHIN ONE HOUR AFTER DELIVERY of your package of any dead arrivals or delivery problems (otherwise, our guarantee is void). NOTE: For purposes of date and time of delivery we recognize the CARRIER status information. If a claim needs to be done because the shipment was completly messed up in transit, all Priority Mail packages carry $50 in insurance. If there is an issue with your order due to ship delays or mishandling of your package by the post office, you the customer will be required to file an online claim at USPS.COM ( to recover up to $50 in loss insurance from the post office. (The post office will issue you a check shortly after your claim is filed online.)
  • What can I do from my end to assure my Roaches remain alive?
    Track your package online so you are prepared to receive it!! You must be available to open the package containing your live insects immediately upon receipt. While we do everything we can at Luna Roaches to assure safe travels, the Roaches will not survive in a hot/cold mailbox or warehouse if left there. Please do not leave live shipments unattended. IF for some reason you can't be there to receive the box please and it is above 85 F degrees or below 50 F degrees outside, please choose the "Hold for Pickup" option. Or better yet ask a Neighbor to grab your shipment.
  • I'm local, can I pick my Roaches up?"
    Hello fellow Floridian! Unfortunately we no longer offer local pickup due to our Homeowners Insurance threatening to cancel us if we had customers out here. With the Home Owners Insurance market being as crazy as it is, we're sure you can understand that we can not afford to lose ours.
  • When should I purchase an add on Heat Pack?
    Anytime the temperatures are below 50 degrees you'll need to add a heat pack to your order. We sell them as add on's right where you can buy the Roaches in the shop. If it is below 50 degrees we can NOT guarantee live arrival and you may end up with a loss. We put a lot of love and effort into breeding our Roaches and we don't want them to perish during transit over something that is entirely avoidable so please add that Heat pack if your Temperatures are too cold.
  • How do I know which post office to pick up my "Hold for Pickup" order from?"
    Unfortunately we do not have any more information than you do from tracking and will not be able to tell you where to pick up your order. We suggest the following: 1. Ask your delivery guy/gal which post office you can pick it up at. (If this is not an option see below) 2. Go to and select "Pickup Hold Mail" in the filter selection. 3. Type "Post office near me" in Google and search for the nearest post office to your home.
  • How to setup your Bin
  • Do they like our Dry food? Oh yes, they do!"
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  • How to make Friends with your Roaches
  • Quality Control at Luna Roaches
  • Do the Roaches like our Dry Food?
    Judge for yourself!
  • How do I change my Subscription?
    Unfortunately the technical limitations of our Platform do not currently allow a current subscription to be changed from one Product to another. You would have to cancel your current Discoid Subscription and create a new one with the Product of your choice.
  • How do I cancel my Subscription?
    There are 3 ways to cancel your subscription once you're logged in: 1. You should be able to click on your name on top and select "My Subscriptions" 2. If that does not work, please go to your PayPal account and under subscriptions you have the option to cancel. 3. Or you can mail us at to do this for you as well from our screen. No worries, we do NOT have access to any of your personal or payment information and all we can we do is cancel your subscription from our screen.
  • How do I change my address?
    The best way is for you to go to your login and from there select "Change address". You can also go to My Account > and change your address there by simply adding the latest address you have. That said, if you currently haved a subscription and need an address change please do so a.s.a.p. since those will not update automatically.
  • How do I contact you?
    You can contact us via the little speech bubble on your screen, mail us or message us from our Facebook Page.
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