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And this is us! Luna Roaches! 

Hi, we're Mel and Chris Adams, two people who managed to find each other in a sea of 7 billion other Humans. We met in 2016 playing Neverwinter on Xbox, where we both belonged to the same Guild. As life will have it, we lived in different states but soon figured out we were two peas in the same pod. Chris loved Bugs, and Mel loved Bug Photography. We are both avid Gamers and Sci-Fi Lovers. Mel hates Pickles, and Chris loves them. Chris was bald, and Mel had enough hair for two people. You get what we mean ;)

Luna Roaches was born out of an abundance of Discoid Roaches that we started breeding in 2017. After buying 20 Roaches, we now have roughly 100,000 plus Discoid Roaches and in January of 2019 opened the doors to Luna Roaches. Over the past three years, we've learned a lot about Roach Breeding and made many adjustments based on research and testing in our own Barns.

We take a very holistic approach to Roach breeding and believe that it is about the food and temperatures and the insect's environment itself that creates happy and healthy Discoids. Our focus has shifted more and more to breeding the most organic way possible on a larger scale, and we've become pretty successful at it.

When we started Luna Roaches, we decided that we wanted our customers to be treated like we wanted to be treated by other companies. Now in year six of Luna Roaches, that remains our Number 1 priority! We absolutely love what we do and hope that it translates into our relationship with you as Customers because, without you, we wouldn't exist!

Mel & Chris

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