Hi Luna Roaches Fans,

Chris and I made the decision to suspend all sales until we're out of this cold snap. We rarely ever have DOA arrivals (we had 2 this week due to the USPS journey) and certainly never through our fault, but with the forecasted temps being 28F tonight and it is looking horribly cold all week, they have no chance of warming up in their box - at all.

We will mail all current customers who have outstanding orders and either refund those, delay their shipping, or offer pickup based on their preference.

We know this is an inconvenience for everyone as well as us but there is no point shipping you insects when there isn't a chance that they will arrive alive. We've ordered heat packs but the shipping on those is delayed as well.

We will keep you updated.

IMPORTANT: Please read prior to purchasing!


Breeder Kits are back in stock but in limited quantities!

  • We will sell NO MORE than 10 Breeder Kits per week.

  • Once we met the weekly limit we set, we will set them to out of Stock until the following Monday. (We need to do this to maintain adequate stock here at Luna Roaches.)

  • Limit 2 per customer of ANY combination of Breeder Kits. - We have many people that are looking to self sufficiently feed their reptiles so please be kind and think of your fellow humans out there! 

  • Breeder Kits will ONLY ship on Fridays! 

To help you make the choice here is what's in the specific Colonies:

Maternity Ward  (From $77.60):

4 Winged Males + 6 Winged Females (Both are undetermined age) + 100 assorted sizes unsexed wingless nymphs.

Dip Your Toe (From $52.60):

4 Winged Males + 6 Winged Females (Both are undetermined age) + 50 assorted sizes unsexed wingless nymphs.

The Skeleton Crew (From $37.60):

4 Winged Males + 10 Winged Females (Both are undetermined age)

You'll also get the option of purchasing a "Future Wave" pack which it which includes 1 Male and 3 Females that will turn into Winged with their next final shed. (These can only be purchased as add on's to Breeder Kit orders and will be included in your Breeder Kit shipment if purchased. )


We created that option for people who wanted to keep track of their winged Breeder's age. On top of that, you'll have the ability to choose whether you want to add Dry Food & Water Crystals to your Roach Purchases.