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The "Happy Customers" Project

Every once in a while I've had just the right amount of Caffeine and the brain sparks and outcomes a brilliant idea. Yesterday was one of those moments.

We've always been very curious just what type of critters you're feeding. I mean some of you have long-standing subscriptions or always order the same size and then they get upgraded to the next size and you can sort of guess that it is a growing reptile of some sort. But then, there are those unsuspecting buys. The ones you can't gauge, the ones where you wonder.

So yesterday curiosity just took over and we decided to create the "Happy Customer" Project! We wanted to know and asked you to join in if you would like to have your companions featured on a page that shows happy customers! And WOW! You guys stepped up to that challenge and did NOT disappoint! Over the past 24 hours, you have posted a ton of pictures and I have added them as fast as possible. The page is now nearly 30 animals strong and growing! On top of that, many of you are really amazing photographers!

For us though, this has a deeper meaning. For us, it puts a face on the animals we're sending food to, it holds us accountable and motivated to assure we'll continue to produce high-quality well-fed Discoids raised with love for your companions. And above all, it serves as a real connection for Chris & me, and it makes us fall in love with what we do all over!

And if you have not had the chance to add your pet but would love to, we would be happy to do that. If you would like to have your critter be considered to be featured on our website, please post a picture of them here and add their name (if they have one - we totally get that not everyone names every pet insect they may have.

While we love all creatures we love clear pictures of them even more! Please be sure your pet is the only thing in the picture, (Bonus points if you capture them while they chow down on a Discoid!!) and is semi-close up. We dig your habitats but the all-star in the picture should be your pet! No collages, please.

You can either post a picture of your pet including their name and species on our Business Page here or on our Private FB group here or you can email it to us. We'll collect them once per day throughout the week and add them to our Happy Customers Page.

We thank you and appreciate your willingness to participate in our "Pet" Project... see what we did there? ;) We hope you'll continue to share as it truly does give us endless joy admiring your happy critters and even if you don't want your pet on our site, you should still check out some of the amazing animals featured and marvel with us that so many different species eat Discoid Roaches :)

We're going to wrap this blog up so Chris can go fence in my new vegetable garden as we're working on a more self-sustaining way of life!

Until next time

Mel & Chris

Luna Roaches

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