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We are getting a lot of inquiries about our Breeder Kits and would love to accommodate everyone whenever possible. More and more people are leaning towards trying to breed their own Discoids due to common shortages in the industry or the sheer cost of feeding your pet companions. Understandably so, however not everyone has the ability to remain online and check our Website to see if by off chance we added some, so we had to come up with a solution. In order to make this as fair as possible given the popularity of those Breeder Kits, we came up with the following solution: A waiting list! 

How will this work?

The waiting list will give you an opportunity to purchase one of our Breeder Kits without having to hope that there is a chance you may catch one in the Store. You simply fill out this form, we hold on to it and as we release Breeder Kits we'll go down the line and mail you that it has become available and ask you whether you're still interested. If so you'll have 48 hours to purchase it before we go to the next person down the list. 

We hope that someday we can offer them again unlimited, but at this point, we will only have limited quantities available for a while. We hope this will give you an opportunity to acquire one as well. Upon clicking "Submit" you will receive an email confirming you as an addition to the Waiting List!

To help you make the choice here is what's in either Colony:

Maternity Ward  (From $75.40):

4 Winged Males + 6 Winged Females (Both are undetermined age) + 100 assorted sizes unsexed wingless nymphs.

Dip Your Toe (From $50.40)::

4 Winged Males + 6 Winged Females (Both are undetermined age) + 50 assorted sizes unsexed wingless nymphs.

The Skeleton Crew (From $35.40)::

4 Winged Females + 10 Winged Females (Both are undetermined age)

You'll also get the option of purchasing a "Future Wave" pack which it which includes 1 Male and 3 Females that will turn into Winged with their next final shed. We created that option for people who wanted to keep track of their winged Breeder's age. On top of that, you'll have the ability to choose whether you want to add Dry Food & Water Crystals to your Roach Purchases.

We'll offer:

2.4 oz ($2.50) 

8 oz ($8.50)

16 oz ($15.00)

Water Crystals:

1/2 TBSP ($1.00 - Makes 2 cups of Water Crystals)

2 oz ($6.00 - Makes 18 cups of Water Crystals)

Please create an account on our Site in the meantime and sign up for Bug Points! It's totally free and you can get earn free points with every purchase that you can turn into rewards and coupons! Also since you'll need special access once your turn on the waiting list arrives you'll need an account to be granted that special access to the purchasing page for the breeder kits. This will simply speed up the process later :)

April 2021 - We are trying to set realistic expectations but have no idea how long it will take to get through the Waiting List as we can only sell these kits as our stock allows without damaging our own business. Currently, the Waiting List has 68 People remaining waiting to get their "It's Your Turn" emails and the list keeps growing. We are going in chronological order, i.e. will notify the next in line as they were received and recorded in our database. Please also check your Spam folder periodically and make sure our emails don't end up there because once the 48 hours are up which is the time you have to purchase you will lose potential access to the Breeder Kit purchasing page as well as your spot on the Waiting List. Thank you for your continued patience.



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