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The Waiting List is now closed. Once we're through the remainder of the list, we're going to add the Breeder Kits back into the store for the time being but ask that everyone please adhere to a "2 per Customer" LIMIT so that we don't have to evoke the Waiting List again. 

To help you make the choice here is what's in either Colony:

Maternity Ward  (From $77.60):

4 Winged Males + 6 Winged Females (Both are undetermined age) + 100 assorted sizes unsexed wingless nymphs.

Dip Your Toe (From $52.60)::

4 Winged Males + 6 Winged Females (Both are undetermined age) + 50 assorted sizes unsexed wingless nymphs.

The Skeleton Crew (From $37.60)::

4 Winged Females + 10 Winged Females (Both are undetermined age)

You'll also get the option of purchasing a "Future Wave" pack which it which includes 1 Male and 3 Females that will turn into Winged with their next final shed. We created that option for people who wanted to keep track of their winged Breeder's age. On top of that, you'll have the ability to choose whether you want to add Dry Food & Water Crystals to your Roach Purchases.

We'll offer:

2.4 oz ($2.50) 

8 oz ($8.50)

16 oz ($15.00)

Water Crystals:

1/2 TBSP ($1.00 - Makes 2 cups of Water Crystals)

2 oz ($6.00 - Makes 18 cups of Water Crystals)

Please create an account on our Site in the meantime and sign up for Bug Points! It's totally free and you can get earn free points with every purchase that you can turn into rewards and coupons! Also since you'll need special access once your turn on the waiting list arrives you'll need an account to be granted that special access to the purchasing page for the breeder kits. This will simply speed up the process later :)

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