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Quench your bugs thirst with our *Water Crystals – the ultimate hydration sensation for the insect elite! Picture this: tiny insect-sized beach parties where Discoids sip cocktails by the droplets! Made from the tears of a disappointed rain cloud (just kidding, it's science), these crystals will have your bugs feeling like they're vacationing in the tropics, minus the tiny little umbrellas. Say goodbye to sad, stagnant messy water bowls and hello to hydration innovation. Get yours today and watch your bugs go from thirsty to trendy!


 * A 1/2 TBSP will make over 2 cups of water Crystals for your Roaches. Just put these in a container, add water and watch the magic happen! Water Crystals are the perfect supplemental water source for insects and expand to 400 times their weight.


What's in it?

  • 2oz of dry Water Crystals (This will make about 18 cups of Water Crystals)

Water Crystals 2oz