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Attention, health-conscious roach enthusiasts! Say goodbye to greasy crumbs and hello to the haute cuisine of the bug world: *Healthy Organic Dry Roach Food! It's like a spa day for your six-legged friends, minus the cucumbers on their eyes (because they'd eat them). Made with the finest organic ingredients, this chow is so healthy it'll have your roaches trading in their wings for yoga mats. Get ready to witness roaches with a newfound glow, radiating health from their antennae to their thoraxes with a sophisticated soirée of sustainable snacking. Who knew eating healthy could be this entertaining? Get yours today and join the revolution in roach cuisine.


* Our dry Roach food is comprised of only organic ingredients. Its base is a non-medicated, non-GMO, organic chick feed. We add various organic sulfur-free human-grade dried fruits as well as vegetables.



Dry Food - 16oz