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Please note: These are 1/2 inch TO 3/4 inch. There is no specific size. All we can guarantee is that they are no smaller than 1/2 inch long and no bigger than 3/4 inch long. Sometimes you may find the majority of your Roaches may be on the 1/2 inch side and sometimes you may find that the majority of your Roaches are on the 3/4 inch size. Since we use sorting buckets, there is no way for us to pluck out a specific inch size only. This is why we sell them as 1/2 inch TO 3/4 inches. 


Luna Roaches are raised with love in the most organic way possible. They are gut-loaded with fresh fruits and veggies as well as high-protein food. 

So what are you purchasing?

Meet the Discoid Roach, the reptile's version of a gourmet meal delivery service! Picture this: it's like a tiny, crunchy hors d'oeuvre on six legs, the kind your reptile friend can't resist sinking their teeth into. With a body flatter than a pancake and a determination to escape rivaling even the most cunning escape artists (luckily, they are really slow and if that doesn't convince you, or if you lack faith in the speed of your reptilian companion, we also sell no escape feeder bowls), this roach is the ultimate challenge for your scaly companion. It's like the roach is saying, "Catch me if you can, reptile buddy!" It's a game of cat and mouse, or should we say lizard and roach, where the only winner is whoever gets to snack time first. So, if you're looking to add some excitement to your reptile's diet, just toss in a Discoid Roach and watch the reptilian drama unfold!

Note: Since we can only handle and ship a certain amount of Discoids per day due to Post office and human time constraints, there may be a one day delay in your Shipping, but we will display the current shipping day at the time of your order in a banner at the bottom of our site as well. 

Please review our Shipping policy in the FAQ > Shipping Section on the Navigation Menu.

50 Medium Discoid Roaches (1/2 - 3/4)