2.1-2.7oz of Luna Roaches Dry Roach Food &  1/2 TBSP of dried Water Crystals


After much requests for this we managed to find a way to offer you our Roach Dry food that we send along as a "Picker Upper" for your Roaches after the shipment process when we send you your packages. 


What's in it?

  • The Base is Organic, non-Medicated, non-GMO (Organic Corn, Organic Soybean Meal, Organic Wheat) Chick feed.
  • Certified organic powdered Fruits and Vegetables
  • Dried non-sugar added, non-sulphur dried fruits The fruits and vegetables may vary from batch to batch but they will always be certified organic.


Water Crystals

If you need Water Crystals you can also order these as add ons. We've decided to send these in DRY form so YOU can decide how much you want to make. A 1/2 TBSP will make over 2 cups of water Crystals for your Roaches. Just put these in a container, add Water and watch the magic happen!


What's in it?

  • 1/2 TBSP of dry Water Crystals



You can ONLY purchase this as an add on to an existing order at this point.

2.1-2.7oz of Luna Roaches Dry Roach Food & Water Crystals