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You asked and we listened!

After many many requests for us to sell the Roach Food that we send along with every order we have managed to find a way to make this happen and present three new Products:

2.1-2.7 oz of our Luna Roaches Dry Food $2.50

1/2 TBSP (makes two cups) of Water Crystals $1.00

and a Water & Food Combo for $3.50

As you know, we feed very organic and so our food is very expensive to produce because let's face it, organic products are still very expensive. We're trying to feed our Roaches as healthy as possible because in the end whatever we feed them goes back into our own Reptiles as well as yours so we just don't feel like we can skimp on quality even when it comes to dry food. Unfortunately quality often comes with a price tag which is why we had to do some serious math to see how we could make this possible and we feel these 2 oz packages allow us to offer it in some form. The amount is actually anywhere from 2.1 oz to 2.7 oz simply because we have to hand fill these and sometimes the measuring container is a little more "heaped" but it's never less than 2.1 oz :)

Keep in mind, we still recommend Organic fresh greens any day but also realize that sometimes life just gets in the way and your Farmers market or grocery store just doesn't have what you need that day but the Bugs still need to be fed. That's where our Dry food comes in handy!

To keep cost manageable, they are only available as ADD ON's to any Roach orders. I.e. you can purchase this in addition to a Roach Order you're making. We know that feels limiting but shipping is not cheap either and when shipping it costs more than what we charge for the food it doesn't make any sense from our end.

So what is in the actual food?

  • The Base is Organic, non-Medicated, non-GMO (Organic Corn, Organic Soybean Meal, Organic Wheat) Chick feed.

  • Certified organic powdered Fruits and Vegetables

  • Dried non-sugar added, non-sulphur dried fruits The fruits and vegetables may vary from batch to batch but they will always be certified organic.

Why not send the actual Water Crystals already expanded?

  • We've decided to send these in DRY form so YOU can decide how much you want to make. A 1/2 TBSP will make over 2 cups of water Crystals for your Roaches. 2 cups is an awful lot if you don't have a ton of roaches. Just put these in a container, add Water and watch the magic happen! Remember they won't be fully expanded for like an hour so you can always add more water. We ended up with a bit more than what was in that 2 cup container once it was fully absorbed.

We hope that this helps those of you that were seeking an option to obtain our dry food :)

Have a wonderful week ahead :)

Mel & Chris Adams

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