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Why we don't do Wholesale

We often get asked to sell large amounts of Roaches for a reduced price and we thought it was time we talked about wholesale.

Wholesale is a beautiful thing. It allows big companies to sell larger amounts of goods to be bought by smaller companies or individuals for resale and is generally beneficial to both sides. 

Discoid Roaches produce roughly 40 babies per female Roach a month. That is IF they are all breeding. In order to fulfill one 1000 baby Roach order we would have to assume that 25 of our females bred and all of them had 40 babies. We could certainly do that but now we're taking away from the bin that produces our larger nymphs - one of our most popular orders. To fulfill those orders , our babies need to grow into full blown Nymphs. Since Discoids have an average lifespan of 18 to 24 months we also have to replenish our female Breeder pool to be able to keep producing babies.

Luna Roaches is still in it's infancy as a business but we would like to make decisions that allow us to have some consistent staying power. We've watched many Discoid vendors appear that are able to fulfill 100-200-500 and even 1000 Roach orders, but after a few months they've dropped off the market for the specific product, because they ran out stock and now have to wait for their Breeders to fill up their bins again. We'd like to make sure that we will always have a supply for our customers and their beloved critters and so in order to avoid following suit and running out of stock, we will currently not sell wholesale in the foreseeable future.

Maybe someday, but for now we're focused on continuing to produce Quality Discoids and having an ongoing supply for our amazing customers and their animal companions.

For those who've ever inquired, thank you for understanding. Hopefully in the future we can accommodate your wholesale needs as well.

Mel & Chris Adams

Luna Roaches

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