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"What do you mean we don't get to rest on Sundays?!"

How do you spend your weekends? Here at Luna Roaches we seem to be always busy anymore and this Sunday was no exception. We had planned a lazy Sunday full of gaming (we're both Xbox gamers), fishing and generally doing nothing!

It started innocently enough with Breakfast at Tortugas on Flagler Beach...

Breakfast is where we come up with our best ideas! After all, who can think on an empty stomach?

We decided we needed to split more bins and made our trip to home depot for some more shelves and bins. There went our lazy Sunday and we knew it ;)

That's Chris putting together two additional shelves.

And here's all of the bins we bought. Sorry Walmart for snagging your entire on the shelf stock!

While Chris was doing that I was feeding all of the Roaches! On today's Menu fresh from the market: Greens, Apples, Carrots and Cilantro!

They loved the Cilantro most (We have no idea why) but let's just say the entire thing smelled delicious!

While they were chowing down I was filling the new bins with Bed-a-Beast Shredded Coconut Fibers.

Keep in mind that in spite of having 2 Fans and an AC in our Roach barn it's generally still in the 90's in there so you can imagine how you feel working in there a few hours.

Finally all the Shelves are in place!

Since we had two really big orders we decided to sort out the Roaches for those prior to shipping day so we would have enough time to do everything Monday morning. Here are some of them with full Bellies, ready to travel!

And here are our Monday morning orders ready to go with happy, fully hydrated and gut loaded Luna Roaches!

Farewell little Bugs, farewell!

And that's how you go from thinking you'll have a lazy Sunday to working your butt off all day! ;)

Mel & Chris Adams

Luna Roaches

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