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Weather Shipping Update

We're keeping a close eye on the weather this month and made some adjustments to our shipping boxes. Our first shipment from Amazon for Heat packs got lost (Thanks USPS!) so I've ordered another batch. As soon as they come in we'll add them to the Store as add ons. I highly recommend purchasing one as an add-on to your shipping box when the weather gets way cold.

Keep an eye on your tracking numbers so you know when your shipment arrives. Also if you know which Post office delivers to you (We have no knowledge of that and won't be much help with that), we highly recommend holding your box for pickup at the post office when the temps dip way low at night.

That said, we're going to continue shipping in Florida as long as the weather lets us. So far we've had no DOA's this cold spell that we're aware of (at least no one messaged or mailed us to let us know they had a frozen shipment! LOL) but we have had one delayed by USPS which is now in day 9 of transit and probably lost. Of course, we're taking care of that customer so please let us know if something is not right with your shipment and we'll make sure you get taken care of and are happy and satisfied with us!

Thank you everyone for the high participation in the Christmas Giveaway! We are having a lot of fun with those and given away a load of stuff already! Please do come join us. We post a new Giveaway everyday at 10.30 AM ET and tell you the winner at 7 PM ET every day!

Happy Holidays and we hope Santa is good to you this year! :)

Mel & Chris

Luna Roaches

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