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We have good news!

Man, are we glad that this cold weather nonsense is almost over! Cold - Warm - Cold - Warm, it's been giving us weather Whiplash and a mess when it comes to shipping. As we announced in our last blog, there will be some changes coming, but this time, they are changes we actually love making! I was going to make this all dramatic and build up to this but here it is without further ado:

Good News

Savings Tuesday

Starting this coming Tuesday, Savings Tuesday will no longer require you to enter a coupon code manually. We've automated this process, and 10% will now come off automatically. No more worrying if you forgot to input it; it's all done like magic during checkout!

Speaking of checkout!

You will now see a new Notes field that will ask you what your buddy's name is who will be enjoying a delicious order of Luna Roaches!

Check out

We wanted to personalize your order so every order that has your pets name entered in the Note section at checkout (see above) , will now include a card with its name on it. We want your pet to know that they are truly special to us!



New Product

On February 1, 2024, we'll be adding small and large "No escape" plastic feeder bowls into our Store that you can add on to any of your orders. We use these ourselves, and they are super convenient. Trust us, we had some escape and made a whole new life in one of our reptile caves, and suddenly, we had all kinds of Roaches running around in their cage LOL It also helps us keep track of how many they ate! The Small bowls will go for $0.75 and the large one for $1 - remember you can wash them and reuse them over and over! Here's a Video of our Miyagi enjoying hers!

We hope this brings a little smile to your face :)


Mel & Chris

Luna Roaches

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