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Summer Shipping Changes

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

We thought we would give you all a quick heads up about some changes we plan on implementing for shipping this summer.

As you are all aware of Florida gets pretty hot in the summer time and the majority of our Customer base is in Florida. We've played around with different ideas and even sent out some roaches to a few really great people who video taped the unboxing for us to let us know if our ideas worked. See below for the very lovely Aleshia unboxing the ice pack package for us.

While we love the ice pack idea we also realized that no matter what we did with it, unless we send them in Styrofoam insulated boxes in the summer, the ice would never stay frozen for the entire duration of the shipment. This would mean we would have to raise our prices because shipping that way gets very expensive and we really did not want to do that. So we went back to the drawing board.

We've entertained the idea of small cricket shippers. You would THINK there was a giant market for this given the reptile population and cricket farms in this country but low and behold we struggled to find cricket shipping boxes that were small and cheap enough. (Really any box manufacturer out there, especially those specializing in Reptile supplies? You should to put that in your lineup!) Again the goal for us to ship our Roaches safely in the heat and to keep cost down while doing so.

We finally settled on Organza. The Roaches do not chew through it, it's breathable fabric and allows for more airflow than the cups. It's also lightweight and let's be honest its really pretty ;)

Some of you will still be getting your Roaches in cups, some of you will be getting ice packs included in your shipments and some of you will find a lovely bag of Organza with Roaches in your box. It will entirely depend on the weather, where you live, how comfortable we feel shipping to your area, etc.

So be prepared to find some colorful packed Roaches coming to you this summer :)

Mel & Chris Adams

Luna Roaches

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