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Subscription Orders - Now available!

It's been a long week, even though it's been a shorter week due to Labor Day. We've been very busy here at Luna Roaches as we're creating new colonies, expanding and maximizing our barns and are just generally in the swing of things. One of the new things we're rolling out is subscription orders for some Roach Packs. We started offering them a few weeks ago but haven't really talked about it until now.

So why subscriptions? Subscriptions are a wonderful tool for "Set up your order and forget about the process". You will be billed automatically, your Roaches will be shipped to you weekly/bi-weekly or monthly depending on what subscription you chose. They'll go out, we'll send you a tracking number and they get delivered to your home. After the initial set up you don't have to do a thing but receive your roaches!

Are there any other perks to subscribing? Yes! Not only do you get a few bucks off your order every time, if you keep your subscription going for a consecutive 3/6/9/12 month we'll send you a lil something special! Not only that but even if something is listed out of stock we will fill your subscription regardless so you never have to worry!

A Gift you say? Yep, and we meant that! Our little token of appreciation can be anything from Roach food, to Luna Roaches swag to extra free roaches to whatever comes to our minds! You never know what might be headed your way ;)

Are there any downsides to subscriptions? No, you can cancel whenever you like but remember, only consecutively kept subscriptions earn points towards a little something extra!

So really, you can get free stuff, you get your roaches when you need them automatically and save some money! Who wouldn't like that? :)

While we have you here we can also talk about an update on our Data Logger experiment. Out of the 6 Data logger packages, all 3 USPS packages arrived alive and well and 2 out of the 3 UPS boxes were "Dead on Arrival". We are still awaiting the arrival of 4 Data Loggers to analyze. In the meantime I shipped out 2 more UPS packages with new Data Loggers to that amazing Test Team with a slight modification to the packaging to see if and how much of a difference it does in temperature control. Again, we will release the data to to all of you once we have it, looked at it and analyzed it.

Since most of you are in Florida and are suffering the lack of cooler temperatures with us, we hope you stay comfy!


Mel & Chris

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