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Spring has sprung!

This has been a busy week here at Luna Roaches and I have some news!

  1. Spring Fever has infected my Husband and our Roach Barn now has color-changing lights because according to Chris, Music is the key ingredient to staying in the groove when he sorts Roaches in the barn and since I don't... I'll just have to take his word for it. Okay, so not really news but shared that anyways LOL

  2. If you haven't been to our website today, you'll see a lot of changes. Not only is it nothing as it was before, (I literally re-designed the entire thing over the past 7 days!) but you'll notice it's brighter and bigger.

  3. What you may also notice is that we have Categories for the Shop now, and added Food and Water Crystals as a stand-alone product as well. Unfortunately, we do have to charge a flat rate fee for shipping items in the stand-alone category since shipping is not cheap and the cost alone would eat the cost of the product if we had to cover that. On the bright side, shipping for Roaches is STILL free and those items will also be available once we're back from hiatus directly from the individual Roach packages as add ons. In short - If you also buy Roaches and want food or crystals - use the add-on feature to avoid the shipping cost.

  4. I've also mailed the first waiting List participants tonight for their available Breeder Kit purchases so hang in there, the list is long but we're going to try to get through as fast as the breeding allows us.

That said, our Barn has kicked into overdrive on the breeding front and is catching up nicely! I guess the Oranges and Marvin Gaye on Valentines Day did the trick ;)

Chris took a cool video of what happens in the Roach bins when he tosses food in. Pardon the Bin mess, we're still in the middle of recovering "Peel Left-overs"!

In closing, if you ever wonder why we think our Roaches are the best - This is George our Tokay Gecko when we rescued her:

And this is George now - on a predominant Discoid Diet:


Mel & Chris Adams

Luna Roaches

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