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Pillow Talk

As we're all in full Holiday mode and things are crazy with preparations everywhere, we can't help but wonder... what if? What if we had never posted a picture of one of our Roach bins in some Facebook group? What if we didn't get an onslaught of messages after that asking "Do you do wholesales?!" "Do you sell these?" "How much are those?" "Can I buy some from you?"

What if we hadn't sat down and go "Hmm, maybe we should consider selling off the extras?" and what if we hadn't looked and realized that our "extras" were 6 bins?

2019 would have looked very different! But now here we are, close to wrapping up our first year as Discoid Breeders and ready for the second year!

Every day after we go to bed we talk about the day as most couples do but a lot of our conversations revolve around the business. "Hey do you remember the Lady that bought her Son a Beardie for his birthday? She messaged me today to tell me that they had their first Roach Babies and that they got to watch them being born!" "Did you check up on this weeks deliveries yet to make sure they all arrived safe and sound and that the customer is happy?" "Hey so and so messaged us and let us know they loved the packaging and everyone made it safely" "Customer x messages us today to ask about Colony Breeding and I told them...." "Hey, I have to put Trivia up, any idea what question to ask this week?" etc. etc.

In short, our day starts and ends with you on our mind! We're always talking about how to improve things, make it interesting, keep you guys engaged and informed and most importantly how to deliver quality Roaches your way! So for that and for keeping us in Business, here is a 10% Stocking Stuffer Coupon good for any one item in our store! (Coupon will be good until December 31st and applied automatically to the lowest cost item on your order)

Coupon Code: StockingStuffer

Happy Holidays from us to you :)

Mel & Chris Adams

Luna Roaches

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