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Wow, how did this happen?

It has been barely 15 days since we opened the doors at Luna Roaches and our heads have never spun faster in regards to how fast that took off! We decided to start listing Roaches on January 2nd. During the night our first eBay order came in. We woke up that morning and got our trusty eBay and PayPal notifications letting us know someone ordered Roaches! We looked at each other and squealed in delight: "It's really happening!!"

It wasn't that we ever doubted ourselves, but come on... Roaches you know? Bugs that most people would regard as creepy, crawly and outright gross. Bugs that Reptile lovers however have come to love and the rest of the world looks at as if they are the plague itself! 

We jumped out of bed (Okay truth - so we're almost 50 and jumping may be slightly exaggerating the mere creaking and cracking that actually happened when we moved), grabbed our folders and paper supplies, printed out our first order, looked and realized that we had underestimated the size of the Roaches vs. the Shipping Containers we actually bought. Shopping Trip!

Two hours later we were armed with containers and various other things we felt we may need to have a successful business venture and tackled the adventures of shipping insects. Since we ship all over the United States we had to look up the temperature for the next three days at the destination state because after all, no one wants frozen-to-death roaches delivered. Feeling confident that we had packed them with all the care one would exhibit when dealing with a newborn baby, we dropped them off at the post office.

And then the waiting begun! Now I will never get an award for "Most patience" and having to wait for customer feedback was grueling as I tracked the shipping at least 3 times a day. Finally arrival day! I dropped the Customer a note, thanked them for their business and asked them to let us know if everything is "alive and kicking". When he got backed to us we breathed a sigh of relief - The Roaches were happy, the customer was happy and we were thrilled that our first order went off without a hitch! We've mailed many packages since but every order is a thrill for us. (Remind me to tell you someday how your house may look like when you cut Styrofoam for 8 boxes that you're shipping to a colder region!)

Anyways, we really just wanted to send you all a big: Thank you for having faith in us and supporting our small business by ordering your Discoid Roaches from us!

Thank you!!


Mel & Chris Adams 

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