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Limited Availability

Hi Luna Roaches Tribe,

We hope you're still hanging in there. It looks like we may be in for the Social Distancing and quarantine orders for the long haul. We realize that it is really hard to get Discoids anywhere right now and as fellow reptile lovers and owners we needed to figure out what we could do.

So Chris and I went to evaluate where we stand currently and decided to start selling LIMITED AMOUNTS of our Breeder Kits, the Maternity Ward and Dip your Toe packs. Keep in mind that we are still out of the smaller sized roaches so the "assorted" that you'll be getting will be large roaches. The bad news is, they will be too big to feed your smaller reptiles. The good news is, they are closer to Breeder age and you will have more breeders mature into winged faster.

Furthermore, we will limit our shipping days to only TWO days a week for the time being to limit our own exposure to the outside world since I am in the "high risk" health category and really can't afford to get sick. We will ONLY ship out MONDAY and THURSDAY for the time being.

That is subject to change and we'll adapt as we go along.

Thank you for hanging in there with us as we find ways to make this work and create opportunities to feed all of our scaly critters!

Mel & Chris

Luna Roaches

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