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Let's talk about shipping!

We take a lot of pride in how we ship out our Roaches. We believe that while they are likely ending up as feeders they should still travel in style and be as comfortable as possible without feeling like they are stuck in a tumbler. Since we pack every single box personally about an hour before they go out to the Post Office we can assure that the animals are safe sound and secure before we hand them off.

But what happens after that?

We recently received an email from an eBay customer stating he received his package but all except 2 Roaches didn't make it. We were HORRIFIED! After all, we had taken such care in making sure the packaging was done well, they would be comfortable etc. It is also worth mentioning that this was delivered after 2 days from the time we dropped them off at the Post Office. We asked for pictures and discovered that everything looked like it had been played Rugby with during Transit!

That day as Chris went to the Post Office to drop off some orders he arrived just in time to see the Truck that picks up the daily orders from that small Post Office. He stopped to talk to the Lady and explained how the package arrived. She stated that if the packages had a "LIVE Animals"sticker on it they would take a lot more care not to leave the packages in a closed truck in a sun, not be rough with it etc...

Here we thought our "This Side up! Fragile! Handle with Care!" stickers would have accomplished the same thing. We ordered 500 bright green 3x5 "LIVE ANIMALS" stickers that now adorn 2 sides of our our shipping boxes, hopefully bringing enough attention to the fact that we.. well.. ship live animals.

Let's hope this gives our Roaches better treatment by the post office. Lesson learned :)

Mel & Chris Adams

Luna Roaches

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