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Hello Hello!

It's been a while and I thought you all could use an update from our little Mini Farm! It's been a crazy summer and September has finally arrived! Can you feel the smell of Autumn in the air? Nope? Neither can we ;)

Our Son got into a car wreck 2 1/2 weeks ago and while his car was totaled, thankfully he got away with a bruised lung and some cuts and scrapes. By the looks of his car we're eternally grateful he didn't have more serious injuries or ended up losing his life.

I've enrolled in school to become a certified herbalist to go on and pursue a path as a clinical master herbalist. There is nothing as exciting as being able to heal someone and create medicine the natural way. No worries, I am still here as always as Luna Roaches will remain my main focus.

Chris is spending the summer petting frogs. Yep, you read that correctly! My husband seems to be on a mission to pet every single frog he sees in our yard and there isn't a day where he doesn't send me a video outside of him talking to the wildlife and trying to make friends out there LOL

Our Barns are rocking and are making a big fat comeback! We had some logistics to deal with as we have not been able to purchase pre-screened shipping boxes. With the help of the wonderful team over at (Thank you so much Gabi!) we hope we have those issues resolved as well and should get shipping boxes arriving in the next few days! Let's hope everything goes smoothly! The Ovipost team are really incredibly nice people. We've been purchasing our Superworms from there for years now, never had a single DOA and they will always have our Business!

In terms of where we currently are, here is an update.

We had a lot of time over the past few weeks to examine how we want to operate as a business going forward. Every time we think we figured out how to not get back to a spot of running low on Roaches, we... you guessed it, run low on roaches again. We know that the cause is not our Roach breeding but rather the number of orders we get and how many roaches we sell. And then there is growth. No matter how many roaches we breed, we still need to allow time for them to grow into their respective sizes and there is simply no magic solution to this, we have to wait for this to occur naturally.

What we decided to do is focus on Subscriptions because from a business perspective, it is repeatable income for us and while we love what we do, we also have bills to pay. So the Subscription section will remain without limits to purchase. We've set a limit of how many roaches of each size we're going to be selling per day to sustain our colonies' growth rate. There is no difference in the quality or care of our Roaches for Subscription or Non-Subscription users. Subscriptions are simply not subject to shutdowns, low stock, slowdowns, etc. If you subscribe your box will go out regardless come rain or shine!

That said, we hope to be back to normal operations shortly. You will also see all the fun stuff return this year, the 25 days of Christmas Giveaway, contests, etc. We certainly can't wait because that's the most fun part of the year for us too!

Happy Fall days and as a Bonus, we've included a Video of what Fall looks like everywhere else in the Country, except Florida ;) Enjoy!


Mel & Chris

Luna Roaches

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