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Hard Choices...

Chris and I sat down this week and had to figure out how we wanted to handle Winter Shipping this Season. The Post office has become a lot more unreliable and with the upcoming Holiday Season we just don't trust them to assure our bugs arrive safe and sound in the cold weather.

Being in transit in Florida for an extra day or two is not a huge deal as the insects will do fine in our climate however even with the best Heat packs which last 72 hours max (which is three days) and proper insulation they stand no chance if they are in transit longer than three days and the heat pack will turn to an ice cold brick.

So rather than taking chances on an unnecessary loss of life for our Luna Roaches we've decided not to ship outside of Florida until it gets much warmer across the country. Florida shipping will continue as normal.

Thank you for understanding,

Mel & Chris Adams

Luna Roaches

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