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Happy New Year and this is how 2021 went for us!

We hope you made it safely through Christmas and kept some sanity along with the Holiday season. As we slid into the new year, we're happy that we survived 2021, not only as a small business but also in terms of personal health. We know lots of people that were not as lucky.

Going into Year 4 of Luna Roaches we look back and realized how much we've grown as a business and how much we've learned along the way. Over the years we've had investors approach us and companies offering to buy us out, and while some things changed, Luna Roaches is still a two-person business and we have no plans to change that. Don't get us wrong, we thought about expanding but in the end, Chris and I feel that no one will ever care about our Roaches and our Customers as much as we do and so we remain as we are... just the two of us!

So what's in store for us in 2022? We're currently exploring ideas on automated feeding and watering systems. There is still very little out there for smaller scaled businesses but we're curious and exploring several ideas that will make the workload easier on us as we go along.

This month each barn is also getting a full-fledged AC/Heat system installed. What we have now has been nice, but we have to be home to adjust the temperatures, and in the end, we panic every time we leave for longer than 2 hours, and the temperatures rise or fall too quickly. You know how this is in Florida, jacket in the mornings, flip flops in the afternoon and so we really needed to address this problem. (Maybe now I can finally visit Harry Potter World LOL)

This is also hopefully the year that our website provider will provide us with better subscription options to implement. We would love to be able to offer bi-weekly subscriptions, and some other features we've been asking for as well. In 2021 we were able to add "Notifications when something is back in stock"so please, when you see something out of stock, subscribe to that feature and you will automatically be mailed when something is restocked. That said, we're never out of stock. We have two big barns full of roaches but do have to throttle store inventory sometimes simply to assure that you don't have to wait 7 days for your orders to be shipped. We can only pick out a certain amount of roaches every day. For us, this is not an automated process, and assuring that only quality roaches go out, unfortunately, takes a little time for Chris to hand-inspect what we put into the shipment. On the upside, we can assure you that we only send out healthy, disease-free, hearty & happy insects.

Also at the end of last year, we had the last 1/2 acre of our Property cleared from the underbrush and now officially have enough room to attempt to grow our own fresh organic food for our roaches. We're actually really excited about this as we've been trying to become more self-sustainable and have more or less turned into Vegetarians or sometimes Flexitarians ourselves. We already managed to get a few of our own eggs and in a few months have 10 more egg layers! Aren't they adorable?

What else... Our 25 days of Christmas Giveaway was another smashing success and we sent out a ton of freebies! We're going to make this a tradition and will do it again this year! We're also going to give away things throughout the year with Trivia or guessing games so please don't hesitate to participate :)

Oh, we've also decided to go PINK this year! Every so often I switch things up with the colors but this year will be a pink year! It's a happy color and it's in line with what we have on our website! So expect a lot of pink in your boxes ;)

And last but not least, we will be giving away some of these Car decals this year. If they turn out to be popular, we'll add them to the store :)

And that's all we got for today! Stay healthy, stay happy, and THANK YOU! Thank you for making 2021 another successful year for us and sticking with us! We appreciate each and every single person because, without you, there wouldn't be a Luna Roaches!


Mel & Chris

Luna Roaches

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