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Growing pains...

As Summer starts kicking in here in Florida we're running out twice a day to adjust the temperatures in the barn as it is near impossible to keep everything a steady temperature with the nighttime cool down and morning warm-up.

The Bugs are into full overdrive when it comes to breeding and we have a ton of Discoids crawling all over in the bins. What we don't appear to have is enough of an order slowdown to find that happy place where we don't have to place limitations on something and still enable the next generation to grow into their next size. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE that we're this busy and have eternal gratitude to you guys for keeping us that way! We just wish there was some magical something that would make the bugs grow faster without compromising the fact that we raise them organically ;)

So rather than shutting down for a while to give them time to grow or removing them from stock, what we're going to do is limit the number of roach orders we'll take per day. That way we can still give you guys the chance to acquire Discoids and our bugs a break to be able to grow into the respective sizes. Right now we're shipping out roughly 10,000 Roaches a week and we're going to set the limit to 5000 per week until we're confident that our Roaches are in a terminal velocity pattern, i.e. we can remove however many we need without affecting the growth rate of the next generation coming up behind it.

Remember a while back we announced that we do Subscriptions? This is where that comes in handy because even with the limitations of Roaches we're sending out, this doesn't affect our Subscribers. They will ALWAYS get what they subscribed to, no matter what! They don't have to worry about out of Stock, limitations, or anything else. So if you buy roaches often anyways, this may be something you want to consider :)

Other than that, things are going good here at Luna Roaches, our Chickens are enjoying the occasional Discoid, although they prefer Superworms, which we lovingly refer to as "Chicken Noodles"

and we're still evicting freeloaders from the barn. Here is the latest evictee!

And that's all we got for this one! Have a fabulous week :)

Mel & Chris

Luna Roaches

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