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Effective Immediatly

Hi fellow scaly friends and Discoid Lovers,

Chris and I made the difficult decision to stop all sales for the next few weeks until the quarantines are lifted. For the time being, we decided on 2 weeks at which point we'll see where the COVID-19 situation is at.

Most of you don't know that I get injections for an autoimmune disease (I have two separate ones) that further lowers my ability to fight off any sort of infections. With Chris having to go to the Post Office daily where a lot of people show up throughout the day along with the fact that the new research shows that the Virus survives on surfaces for up to 4 days we just don't feel comfortable putting ourselves and potentially you at risk with the shipping process.

We thought about trying to have the Post office pick them up at our home, however, we're not sure that would really alleviate much of the risk nor do we feel it would be reliable and provide the customer service you're used to from us. So rather than providing subpar service we decided we're going to close down our store until this passes. That said, all orders that were made up until this very point went out today but starting immediately we're going to take all purchases offline. We're very sorry about any inconvenience this may cause you but this is better for all of our collective health.

Thank you for understanding and thank you for being so amazing!

Cheers, Mel & Chris

PS: We'll still be here though to answer questions, interact etc!

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