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Changes and Improvements

It's been a busy week in spite of us shutting down earlier this week, and as I found myself at 5 am unable to sleep any further I decided to make some changes to our site - changes I felt were long overdue.

I've implemented the following updates:

1. Designed and published our Forum yesterday - As I've announced briefly yesterday we decided that it was time to assure that all information that is spread across our Social Media channels is readily available for anyone that needs it. There is so much valuable information out there that we need to consolidate and this is a great way for us to do so. For starting I've decided on the need for 4 boards:

  • General Discussions - You can share your Stories, Announcements, Pictures, and whatever your heart desires. Heck show us your latest Reptile/Insect memes! We're always in for a laugh. :)

  • Breeding - This is the board for any breeding questions, problems, things you want to talk about the "oh la la" of Roach mating.

  • Store - The Store board is intended for questions about Stock if you're looking for something specific or if you wish we had something we don't yet offer, shipping, etc. This is also the place to ask if you need to figure out how something works on our site including our Rewards program.

  • Tips and Tricks - Discovered something cool about Roach keeping you want to share? Want someone else to know something? Short cuts you've invented? How to sort bugs? This is your spot!

2. Added Mobile app download link - On the front page, you will now find a Mobile App download link. If you view via PC you can have a text sent to you with a download link. If you view our site via Mobile, only the App Store banned is shows as you can simply reach that with one click.

3. Updated all emails to be uniform in look and design - Yikes, I forgot how bad of them looked until I opened them this morning. All emails from us should now have the same fonts' backgrounds, logo, and design.

4. All new Breeder Kit Customer will now receive an email with links to information on how to become successful - I thought this is something else that was long overdue so I've automated this and everyone who purchases one of our two Breeder kits will receive an email with links to tell them how to do so successfully. we want you to succeed after all :)

5. Layout improvements to Mobile - This was a minor update. I just needed to shuffle a few things around for a better flow.

6. Updated the Bug Points app design - Just snagged the old logo off and put a new one on and changed some colors. I've also updated all emails for the app.

7. Added New Forum Link to quick tabs on the bottom of the Mobile app - For easier access from Mobile.

8. Added images to Forum Categories - This was just a design thing. I wanted it to have a better visual flow and I find it visually more stimulating.

9. Assigned "Member Badge" Icons to everyone who is registered at our website - If you log on you should see a "Member" icon much like this one. We'll be giving out Member Badges going forward. Some manually and some you'll be able to earn in our Forum through doing various things.

10. Added Countdown clock until we're back! - Last but not least, a lot of people ask us when we have Discoids back in stock so I thought I would make this easy and add a count-down clock to the top of our site! This should make this a bit easier on everyone :)

And that sums up how I've spent the past 11 hours LOL It's a dreadful-looking rainy Friday outside over here so I hope wherever you are, it's better weather. As for me, I think I am just about ready for a nap...

Mel & Chris Adams

Luna Roaches

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Membre inconnu
19 févr. 2021

your text link for your mobile app dont seem to be working. Can click on it to enter my number

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