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Back from Hiatus

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

We're back from Hiatus and it feels like we jumped right back into the swing of things. Roaches are flying off the shelf, Customer questions are plenty and we're busy right from the get-go. Our Stock had time to recover and we thank you for hanging in there with us.

We've spent this month working on a lot of things, personal and business-wise. On a personal front, we finally had a contractor build our Happy place for outside. You can't live in Florida in the Country Side and not have a deck to enjoy it, it just doesn't feel right ;)

We've also got two new Pets! Meet Morticia and Gomez our two new Asian Forrest Scorpions that were a gift from one of our amazing Customers! These two are big fans of our Discoid Roaches and will chow down a winged male in NO time! Watching them hunt is incredibly fascinating though!

On our Business front, we made quite a few decisions. As the business evolves and grows, so do we. How do we deal with the influx of orders? We're aware that while we may be back in stock, a LOT of other Bug Breeders are still suffering a shortage of Discoids which still leaves us with an influx of orders. We're incredibly blessed that we're in this position, however, we don't want to go through a forced Hiatus again and so we had to come up with some solutions.

  1. Until further notice Breeder Kits will remain available by waiting list only. We still have a TON of people on that list and want to make sure they get the first shot at Breeder Kits since they are patiently waiting. We continue to fulfill those as fast as our Stock allows.

  2. We now have a Subscription ONLY section on the drop-down menu in our Store. ONLY subscriptions can be found there. Should we ever need to go on Hiatus again, Subscription users will STILL receive their roaches. Subscriptions are ever-evolving and as these become more popular our website Vendor will undoubtedly implement more features around this. We currently requested an option for a bi-monthly subscription which is not yet possible as of this point.

  3. Our Stock - due to the high traffic we're still experiencing we had to come up with some ideas on how to tackle this. While our Roaches are flying off the shelf, we don't want you to have to wait for days upon days before they ship! We've decided that we're going to sell as many as we can handle shipping on the following day and then we're setting the items back out of stock until the following morning. Every morning around 9 am EST I will set the items back to "in Stock" until we hit our daily threshold of Roaches we can select, package, and ship. This way we're not setting false expectations about when they ship and you know they will ship the following day. It also gives us a good idea about what the current volume and traffic are that we can handle.

Please keep in mind that Chris & I will remain a 2 person operation because... well LOL we don't trust people to do it the way we do and so we won't hire anyone in the foreseeable future to help out. We are also aware that this is kind of limiting in terms of business growth, but we're okay with that as our goal was never to build a Roach empire but rather to work for ourselves while doing what we love to do and try to be the best Discoid breeders we can be. We feel so far we've done pretty well ;)

Don't forget about our Video contest which has been expanded due to the Hiatus. There are some AMAZING contest entries and all entries will be featured on our website when everything is over. Please post your contest submissions here.

Last but not least, we're very happy to be back and we feel incredibly blessed to be in this position. We appreciate each and every one of you that waited for us to come back and feel as excited about meeting you as you may be to come out to our property to meet us. We've said it before and we're saying it again: We have THE BEST customers any business could ask for!!

Mel & Chris

Luna Roaches

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