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2021!! We made it!

Welcome to Luna Roaches 3.0 (Yep, we're going to add a number for every year we're in Business - Year three which makes us 3.0 LOL!)

The Holidays are over and we're back in Business and WOW, there is a LOT of Business! We managed to catch up with all of the orders that came in during the Holidays, and are contemplating never to take another vacation again. There was so much work today that we started Saturday and haven't stopped yet packaging Roaches! Chris has some sore arms and back from counting... Seriously, he fell asleep like this last night! Meet Squishy! Squishy is a not so scaley Bearded Dragon that was bestowed upon Chris by our daughter Megan for Christmas. Squishy now sleeps in bed with us! (Oh yeah, we're totally owning the fact that we now have a plush Bearded Dragon in our Bed! We have no shame! LOL) No worries, I got Chris's permission to post this since I didn't want to spend the rest of my life being banned to the guestroom ;)

But back to business!

We hope to have great things in store for you this year. As we're going to start work on our second barn, insulation is the next thing it needs; we're going to start some bio habitat bins. We're in the middle of a lot of very scientific research and want to find out how we can improve our roaches' health even more. This involves some experimentation with setups and food. No worries, we're going to continue selling you the same hearty, healthy and happy Roaches you have come to expect from us. We simply want to broaden our Horizons. We also have some other stuff in mind but more on that later when we fleshed out the details.

We're hoping to start selling complete Starter kits this year that will include a complete setup with everything you need. We're still looking into the details of that though in terms of price and price point, shipping, etc. We've even played with the idea of looking into partnering with some of the bigger food companies like Repashy to offer you more variety. We still don't want to breed anything but Discoids though. We still believe that if you do something, be phenomenal at it and for us to do continue doing that, we need to be able to put all of our time, love, and effort into our Roaches. This past year we took a very holistic approach to Roach breeding and would like to stay on that path and expand on it.

As we're growing, we plan on coming up with new things to keep it fun, to be able to engage with everyone, to have giveaways, and to give you the best customer experience one could possibly have. We also greatly enjoy our local customer base that comes for pickups and we hope to meet more of you this year! Chris loves giving a short tour of our Roach barn and chatting about Roaches and Reptiles and is always more than happy to give out advice. In short, we love having people stop by to pick up their orders :)

On a side note, I posted this morning about us taking the Breeder kits out of the store for a little while. We sold sooooo many over the past 2 months that we needed to stop for a little bit until our winged ones replenish as they are vital to our breeding operation and continued growth of our Business. This will ensure that we can always offer you all sizes of roaches and don't run out. We believe in the importance of being able to offer you opportunities to grow your own colonies and have a self-sustainable food source for your reptiles no matter what life may throw at you so they will most definitely be back!

And last but not least, this year we looked at our analytics and sales and came to the conclusion that we wanted to send you all a "Thank you". We decided to give everyone 500 Bonus Points to their rewards accounts which can be redeemed for a $5 off coupon on a future order. On top of that, we took the Top 3 customers, based on numbers, the amount of money spent as well as the amount of orders made and are sending them out a special "Thank you" box that will include some personal hand-selected gifts from us as a small token of our appreciation. We wish we could have done this for everyone, but for obvious reasons with hundreds of customers, this is not financially possible. As they haven't received their boxes yet we do not want to spoil the surprise of whats in them so we can't tell you ;)

In closing, we want to say THANK YOU for 2020 and we hope you'll do business with us in 2021!

Much Love,

Mel & Chris Adams

Luna Roaches

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