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Your Reviews and why they matter so much!

When you start your business as a Business Owner, enabling customers to leave reviews on your website can be intimidating. You give them the power to say what they truly believe about your product, and it lives in a place where everyone will see it as they shop. We decided early on that we wanted to enable some feature that allows you to give us feedback, after all, how would we know if we're doing okay without some input?

Some sites are very review heavy. eBay for example rates you partially based on your reviews and you earn perks for maintaining high value customer service. You get cheaper shipping and some other perks. We work hard to maintain our Top Seller status on eBay, to make sure every customer walks away happy. Most people won't even look at your product on Amazon unless you have reviews period.

We love reviews! The good, the bad and the ugly. We have found ourselves in the fortunate position not to have any negative feedback anywhere but that does come at a price. For us it's never "Shipped and DONE, on to the next one". We thrive to maintain our relationship with our customers even after their roaches arrived no matter where they purchased their Luna Roaches and we will happily answer any concerns of questions as long as we're awake ;) That takes time, dedication, sometimes long hours and making the buyer happy when something went wrong, even when we know it wasn't a issue from our end. In short, we treat our customers the way we want to be treated as customers when we shop somewhere.

Reviews matter even more to small businesses because it gives us legitimacy and confidence that the hard work we're putting in is paying off. Studies show that most customers read at least one review before deciding to purchase something somewhere, so it stands to reason that people trust each other more than they trust the companies they are purchasing from. The more feedback you see, the more confidence it often instills in the customer that the product they are looking at on a specific site is a good fit for them. They build trustworthiness, expands the conversation about your Brand, have a clear impact on sales and are essential to the decision making process for both Customers and Business Owners.

So if you like our Bugs, if you're confident and happy with what we do or even if you think our service leaves a lot to be desired for, let us know and please leave us a review. We'd totally appreciate it and if you are ever unsure whether to purchase from us please do feel free to read all of our reviews across all sites.

Mel & Chris Adams

Luna Roaches

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