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We made it!

....well, into our second year of business that is! ;)

If you are reading this, that means that sometime in the last year you've found us somewhere on the internet. We're eternally grateful that you did. While 2019 was a fantastic year, we're full steam ahead into 2020 and plan on growing bigger, stronger and even better.

So what's on our agenda this year?

We'll need to expand, unfortunately our 10x20 Luna Ranch (Chris is insisting on being a "Roach Rancher" so we're just going to call it the Luna Ranch instead of Barn from now on LOL) is running out of space as we're approaching 100 breeding bins, so expansion is something we'll have to face at some point this year.

Trivia is returning tomorrow night and will from now on be on Friday night's with the winner announced at Sunday nights. We're currently looking into Swag so we can have different prizes for different things. If you want to participate, Trivia happens weekly on our Facebook Page!


We've started Luna Roaches in January 2019 and you, the Reptile and Insect Community have embraced us since Day 1 so now it is time for us to give back!


Here is how this will work. Every month we will pick a Rescue Program that we feel would benefit from our Program. We will feature that Rescue on our Facebook and Website and at the end of the month we will send them 1 Dollar from every Order we have received as well as a Pack of Roaches. We realize one Dollar isn't the world but we also figured that every bucks helps! So if you are running an exotic rescue of some kind and would like a Roach donation please fill out the application form.

As we are coming up with new ideas you can also look forward to a few new packages. We don't know what we're going to offer yet or when but it will happen this year. Oh yes, and we're looking into creating our own branded Roach food and selling it to you, but it is taking a lot of research to assure we offer nutritional food for your roaches while maintaining our high standards and reasonable prices!

We've decided that we're going to keep our Package Deals so if you're looking for more than one pack of Roaches be sure to check out the Package deals. They do come with pretty good savings! ;)

Quick update on Winter Shipping. We've added Alabama and Louisiana to our Winter Shipping list for the time being (of course, this is subject to weather changes). We'll add more states as the weather improves over the next few months.

And last but not least, we are trying to attend at least one or two reptile shows this year to meet some of you and bring our brand to the rest of the reptile world, but are currently "Bug-Blocked" - You can read all about that here:

We will also post updates about that story there should it develop.

And that's all Folks! :)

Mel & Chris Adams

Luna Roaches

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