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Vacation Time... or something like that!

As you can imagine, when you own livestock, about a million Cockroaches as well as two dogs that don't like anyone but you, vacationing away from home is virtually impossible. Chris and I feel lucky. We've created a life and an environment that we really don't feel like escaping. As we've mentioned before, we are avid homesteaders and with that life, come a lot of daily responsibilities. That said here's a blog about how we've spent our vacation! And trust me, to most of you this is likely very underwhelming LOL

  • We've harvested Seminole Pumpkins (which brings us to about 307 lbs of Pumpkins so far this year!) and made some Pumpkin bread and Pumpkin pie with it. We've also freeze-dried several loads of Pumpkin.

  • We've built raised Garden beds.

  • We started harvesting our first-ever sweet potatoes! (We're particularly excited about this!)

  • Made Dill pickles and pickled eggs. After all, our Chickens give us a lot of fresh eggs every day.

  • We've had a contractor out to knock out a wall between two adjacent closets to build us a big walk-in pantry. We realized our tiny pantry was overflowing with all of the stuff we canned throughout the year and just needed more space. My initial reaction to the issue was "Let's go house shopping" - Thank goodness my Husband has more sense than I do, and we saved ourselves $400,000 just because I needed a bigger pantry LOL

  • We spent three days hurricane-prepping and escaped with some thunder, a little rain, and a breeze.

  • We made 1800's century Mushroom ketchup which is made with all Mushrooms and not

  • Of course, I walked outside without an Umbrella and promptly had a Lupus flare so that took me down for a day (You'd think I've learned that lesson by now!)

  • Chris video gamed a lot, and I took naps! (Seriously, naps are still the most underrated activity on the planet...

  • We made new wildlife friends in form of a barred owl that shows up every day now and a possum that is hunting bugs in our yard. I'll add the video of the Owl from a few nights ago. make sure you turn the sound up so you can hear from Chris said to him ;)

And here are some pictures we took this past week :)

All in all, we really enjoyed our downtime a lot. Sure we didn't get to go to the beach or take any big trips but to be honest, our home life is all we really crave. Now feeling more refreshed, we're happy we're back to business! :)


Mel & Chris


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