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T minus 9 days...

As the days are getting a bit longer things here at our property kick back into overdrive to come up with plans on how we want to re-open. Chris and I both agree that the answer is SLOWLY. We do agree that we want to keep the Breeder Kits in a Waiting List format for now but how do we tackle everything else? Since we suspect that Subscriptions will surge given the fact that through the shutdown we keep fulfilling existing subscriptions, yes, those people still get their weekly/monthly roach deliveries no matter what, and taking into consideration that it's a bit slim pickings out there right now in terms of roaches, it's only natural for people to seek a way to provide their hungry critters with the food they need.

Luckily we have 9 more days to figure out what to do that assures we don't end back up in the same predicament after 4 weeks of comeback that we're in now.

In other news, I am always on the hunt for new charms for our Breeder Kits and if you have ever received one from us, you may have noticed that they come with a little reptile/insect-related charm. This week's find was these gorgeous little things. Seriously, they are little but will look fantastic on a necklace!

Don't expect them to be made out of anything expensive but I like adding the charms because it's a little something extra. A small pretty surprise on our Business Cards and a tiny token of our appreciation! I also have Scorpion charms coming because after all, we're not just feeding reptiles with Discoids and there are a lot of you out there that purchase them for your Mantis, Frogs, Scorpions, etc.

Last week Chris added some "Organic farm - Do not spray!" signs at the road of our property. We're hoping to overt the dreaded Mosquito spraying trucks that Florida is so fond of. Alternatively, we use Mother Nature to combat Mother Nature and with that have a LOAD of Dragonflies at our home that seems to keep the Skeeter population at a decent bay! If you can think of any natural organic ways to keep Mosquitos away, please feel free to share below in the comments! We're always interested in trying out more stuff!

Once we figure out what we're going to do in 9 days we're going to announce it in another blog as well as everywhere else so that you're all informed about how we're going to handle the comeback from our Hiatus.

Have a great weekend :)


Mel & Chris

Luna Roaches

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Unknown member
Apr 01, 2021

I love those!


Unknown member
Mar 12, 2021

Excellent idea!!


Unknown member
Mar 12, 2021

We live near a lake, and the mosquitoes 🦟 are enormous! I had noticed when the bats came back they haven't been as bad.. Maybe get some pet bats and possums!!

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