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BUG POINTS and other good stuff!

As we're in full swing of breeding roaches it's time to adapt to the colder weather and put away our vented boxes. The days are getting shorter, it's finally open window weather and with that, the smell of the holidays is right around the corner. Even here in Florida where we are it's cooler in the mornings and we've had to turn on the heaters in the Barn a few times overnight already. We decided this was a good time to haul over our rewards program as well and with that, we are happy to introduce BUG POINTS! As I've hinted yesterday we've switched things up and went to a different rewards program that allows you to earn points for every purchase as well as various other things.

You can now earn points for the following:

$1 spent = 2 Points Like us on Facebook = 50 Points Share us on Facebook = 50 Points Follow us on Instagram = 50 Points Celebrate a Birthday = 500 Points Referrals = If your Friend uses your special referral link to shop, they get 10% off and you'll get 15% off. You both win :)

You can read all about it here: The most important thing to remember is to log in BEFORE you make a purchase to get your rewards counted. You can redeem points for $$$ off purchases etc. As the app evolves we'll roll out more rewards as they become available!

We're also planning ahead for the rest of the year. In addition to our normal giveaways on our Facebook page, we're going to give away something special every day this December. We'll be giving away Beardie Hammocks, Thermometers, Reptile-related Jewelry, free Roaches, Bug points and all kinds of good stuff so be sure to visit us on Facebook every day in December to participate.

At the end of the year, we're going to be sending out a surprise package to our Top 3 Customers as well. All in all we plan on having a fantastic time the remainder of 2020 - no matter how challenging it may have been so far ;)

We would also like to announce George King whom we made an Admin on our FB Group. George is one of our favorite members has been entertaining us all over there. Not only is he very knowledgable in breeding insects but is also an incredible nice guy! Our Group is the place to ask questions, interact with each other, post memes, and just have fun! We hope you join us in welcoming George!

As always we hope you enjoy your week ahead and thank you for being such amazing people!


Mel & Chris

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